Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #316


Venom is back in New York City! And the deranged Eddie Brock is looking to kill Peter Parker or Spider-Man with extreme prejudice! However first the psychotic symbiote has to find where the Parkers are living! At the web-slinger's former Bedford Towers residence, Venom runs into and then runs roughshod over the Black Cat! But Felicia doesn't know where the wall-crawler is either! Later on Peter learns that his worst nightmare has returned and his family is in grave danger. Spider-Man can't wait for Venom to make the first move. The web-slinger must attack!

Printed: June 1989
Writers: David Michelinie
Art: Todd McFarlane
Cover: Todd McFarlane

- 3rd appearance of Venom
- 1st full cover appearance of Venom