Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #299


After their waterfront arms theft goes awry, the Life Foundation turns the tables on Chance! The mysterious survivalist group abducts the mercenary and takes him to their secret headquarters in northern New Jersey! But thanks to a well-placed spider tracer, the web-slinger infiltrates the foundation's secluded colony the next day...and rescues Chance! So now the adversaries of 24 hours ago suddenly become allies to avoid death...courtesy of the Life Foundation!

Printed: Apr 1988
Writers: David Michelinie
Art: Todd McFarlane and Bob McLeod
Cover: Todd McFarlane

- 2nd cameo appearance of Venom
- Many consider this the first full appearance of Venom
- Todd McFarlane explains in an interview that The Amazing Spider-Man #299 was considered the first full appearance of Venom for years until various comic book resources changed it to The Amazing Spider-Man #300