Fantastic Four Vol.1 #92


Trapped on the planet Kral in the Skrull galaxy, Ben Grimm waits for his turn in the arena of death! The Thing's scheduled opponent is his cellmate, Torgo! The powerful mechanoid from the planet Mekka! At the Great Games, the Thing will fight for Boss Barker's cartel, while Torgo will battle for Lippy Louie's racket! But is there any chance Ben could convince Torgo to fight with him for life…instead of against him for death? Meanwhile back on Earth, Reed surmises that the Skrulls must be behind Ben's disappearance! Can Mr. Fantastic, Crystal, and the Human Torch reach Kral before the death-duel begins?

Printed: Nov 1969
Writers: Stan Lee
Art: Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott
Cover: Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott