Thor Vol.1 #338 (Canadian Price Variant)


The Space Phantom realizes that his plan is not working and checks on Thor; He discovers that he is losing his godly attributes and transports him out; Thor returns to normal and confronts the Phantom; He tells Thor that he does not know where Mjolnir is but he thinks he can find it; He leads Thor to the castle of Immortus, where they are confronted by Tempus; Thor and Tempus battle back and forth, until finally, using Tempus' own club, he is defeated by Thor; Thor and the Phantom enter the castle and find Immortus holding Mjolnir.

Printed: Dec 1983
Writers: Mark Gruenwald and Ralph Macchio
Art: Keith Pollard and Pablo Marcos
Cover: Ron Wilson and Pablo Marcos

- 2nd appearance and origin of Beta Ray Bill