Wonder Woman Vol.1 #204


A mentally disturbed sniper kills several people with a rifle, among which is I-Ching, who dies in Diana Princes arms; Diana goes after the killer, but is struck in the head and knocked unconscious; Diana awakens in a hospital, an amnesiac; Hippolyte tells Wonder Woman she must return to Mans World, though she can return to Paradise Island when she wishes; She goes to New York dressed as Diana Prince and gets a job as a translator at the United Nations.

Printed: Feb 1973
Writers: Robert Kanigher
Art: Don Heck and Vince Colletta
Cover: Don Heck and Dick Giordano

- 1st appearance of Nubia, Wonder Woman's sister and the first black super-powered female in DC Comics
- Death of I-Ching, killed by a sniper
- Return of Wonder Woman's classic costume which had been absent since issue #179