Web of Spider-Man Vol.1 #18


Spider-Man disappeared in the aftermath of the battle in Virginia vs. Magma. After being unaccounted for in both Amazing Spiderman 279 and Spectacular Spiderman 117, Peter Parker finally returns to New York City with a lot of explaining to do! He tells his story to Mary Jane. Also in this issue, Peter is pushed in front of a subway train by a mystery villain (later revealed to be Venom).

First Printing: Sept 1986
Writers: David Michelinie
Art: Marc Silvestri and Kyle Baker
Cover: Mark Beachum and Joe Rubinstein

Key Issue Details
- 2nd cameo appearance of Eddie Brock, hands only, pushing Peter Parker into the path of an oncoming train
- The hands that push Peter Parker in this panel were intended to be those of a woman who lost her family in an accident, indirectly caused by Spider-Man