Tales to Astonish #91


As the new ruler of Atlantis, Byrrah has Namor arrested and sent to the dreaded Inferno Isle; Namor battles the lava monster that lives there and returns to Atlantis to seek his vengeance; Meanwhile, back in the undersea kingdom, Dorma has found Byrrah's hypnosis machine that won him the throne and uses it to turn the Atlantean allegiance back to Namor.

Ross and his men try to revive the Hulk after his beating by the Abomnation; Returning from the brink of death, Hulk is about to leave when the pleading Rick Jones causes him to transform back to Banner; Banner uses his knowledge to lure Abomination back to Gamma base with Betty in tow; Hulk and Abomination clash once again.

Printed: Nov 1963
Writers: Stan Lee
Art: Gil Kane, Bill Everett and Dan Adkins
Cover: Gil Kane

Key Issue Details
- 2nd appearance and 1st cover appearance of Abomination