Tales to Astonish #90


Namor's cousin wins the favor of the populace of Atlantis as well as the Atlantean council by belittling the regime of the Sub-Mariner as violent and unstable; He challenges Namor to single combat for the right to rule and no one is more surprised than the avenging son when his powers desert him during the fight and Byrrah handily wins.

The Stranger leaves earth with the rampaging Hulk left behind to wreak destruction on his behalf; Turning back into his alter ego, Banner surrenders himself to Gamma base and tries to kill himself with radiation to stop the Hulk's destruction; Stopped before he can use his gamma machine, the machine is instead used by a foreign spy who is transformed into the Abomination; More powerful than even the Hulk, Abomination beats the jade giant down and kidnaps Betty as he escapes from the base.

Printed: Apr 1967
Writers: Stan Lee
Art: Gil Kane, Bill Everett and Marie Severin
Cover: Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta

- 1st appearance and origin of Abomination, Emil Blonsky, one of the Hulk's arch-rivals
- 1st appearance of Byrrah in the Silver Age