Tales to Astonish #71


Namor heads into the Forbidden Deeps as he continues his quest for Neptune's Trident; Krang sends Seaweed Man to stop him; Meanwhile, back in Atlantis, the natives are beginning to get restless under Krang's iron rule.

The Hulk and Rick barely make it out of the blast radius as Ross fires the giant "Sunday Punch" missile at the Leader's giant Humanoid bringing the massive robot down; The pair decide to hide in their underground cave but are spotted by military planes as they enter; Ross and Talbot attack, threatening the underground complex and Bruce's gamma machine; The Hulk pushes Rick out to safety just as the Leader appears.

Printed: Sept 1965
Writers: Stan Lee
Art: Gene Colan [as Adam Austin], Vince Colletta, Jack Kirby, and Mike Esposito
Cover: Gene Colan and Vince Colletta

- 1st appearance of Lord Vashti, the Grand Vizier of Atlantis