Tales of Suspense Vol.1 #97


Jasper Sitwell tries to remove Iron Mans helmet, but cant; Tonys cousin Morgan Stark tells the Maggia he can get them Iron Man, who battles Maggia goons.

Two men from a crime syndicate attack Captain America; Black Panther visits an outpost, but finds that the men guarding have been wiped out; SHIELD Agent 13, Caps lover, disguises herself as a female spy called Irma Kruhl before going on a dangerous mission.

Printed: Jan 1968
Writers: Stan Lee
Art: Gene Colan, Jack Kirby, Frank Giacoia, and Joe Sinnott
Cover: Gene Colan and Frank Giacoia

- 1st appearance of Whiplash
- First meeting of Captain America and Black Panther
- 1st cameo appearance of Madame Masque (unseen)