Tales of Suspense Vol.1 #88


Iron Man and Pepper try to escape Mole Man's subterranean world; The subterraneans kidnap Pepper; Iron Man follows them to the Mole Man, and then pretends to agree to give the Mole Man his earth digger; Iron Man then flies Pepper out as the digger explodes, burying the Mole Man and destroying Stark's factory.

The Red Skull (behind the scenes) sets a trap for Captain America by showing him a robot duplicate of Bucky; "Bucky" says that he's been held a prisoner for years and needs Captain America to save him, saying he's on Seagull Island; Caps ship is caught in a plastic bubble just like the one which brought Power Man and Swordsman to the island.

Printed: Apr 1967
Writers: Stan Lee
Art: Gene Colan, Frank Giacoia, and Gil Kane
Cover: Gil Kane