Tales of Suspense Vol.1 #79


On returning from the Orient, Tony Stark finds his money has been impounded, his factories shut down, and there's a warrant out for his arrest--all for failing to appear before Senator Byrd's Congressional committee; Weak and low on power, he goes to Pepper's apartment, but she's not home; In a stairwell, he dons his suit of armor and does an emergency charge; After having no better luck at Avengers HQ or Happy's apartment, he strolls down to the waterfront to think; But from the waters rises Warlord Krang's flagship.

Captain America battles a squad of costumed assassins attacking a power station in the heart of NYC - but nobody else can see them; Red Skull plans to frame Cap for murder.

Printed: Jul 1966
Writers: Stan Lee and Gene Colan
Art: Gene Colan, Jack Abel, Jack Kirby, and Frank Giacoia
Cover: Gene Colan

- 1st appearance of the Cosmic Cube