Swamp Thing Vol.1 #1


While working on a restorative formula (that can make forests out of deserts) in the Louisiana swamps, scientist Alec Holland is killed by a bomb set off by Mr. E., who wants the formula. Shortly thereafter, a humanoid plant being rises from the swamp, created from the body of Holland, the chemicals in the formula, and the strange forces in the swamp.

Printed: Nov 1972
Writers: Len Wein
Art: Berni Wrightson
Cover: Berni Wrightson

Key Issue Details:
- 1st appearance and origin of The Swamp Thing, Alec Holland
- 1st cameo appearance of Anton Arcane
- 1st appearance of Matt Cable, later becomes the Sandman's raven
- 1st cameo appearance of the Un-Men
- 1st appearance of Nathan Ellery, the man who caused the explosion that created Swamp Thing
- First ongoing Swamp Thing solo title