Strange Tales Vol.1 #136


Cover Date: September 1965
Writers: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Art: John Severin, Jack Kirby
Featured Character: Colonel Nick Fury

Synopsis: HYDRA agents tail Fury intent on finding SHIELD's HQ, but Fury is aware he's being followed. HYDRA Section Leader B, a "Hydra-Hunter," runs the mission and hands over his hood to the Imperial Hydra so he will have no place to hide should he fail. When a few HYDRA agents show up at the barber shop which is the secret entrance to SHIELD's HQ, they're captured and hypnotized into believing the HQ is located in a warehouse blocks away. They attack the warehouse with a "Hydra-Ram,"-- but it's a trap! His plan a failure, Section Leader B is soon "replaced," while Fury ponders the future.

Reference: Strange Tales Vol.1 136 Grand Comics Database