Star Wars Vol.1 #43


After their narrow escape from the pursuing Empire Fleet, the crew of the Millennium Falcon sets down on the Cloud City of Bespin for repairs. Lando Calrissian, proprietor of the floating facility, is an old friend of Han's. But he is an old friend with some dark secrets. Meanwhile, Luke's training under the tutelage of the Jedi Master, Yoda, is cut short when the young padwan senses that his friends are in great danger. Against Yoda's better judgement Luke races to Cloud City and the stage is set for the greatest battle between the forces of good and evil.

Printed: Jan 1981
Writers: Archie Goodwin
Art: Al Williamson and Carlos Garzon
Cover: Al Williamson

- 1st appearance of Lando Calrissian in a standard U.S. comic book
- 2nd appearance of Boba Fett in a standard U.S. comic book