Star Wars Vol.1 #42


The Empire Strikes Back: Part 4 of 6. And now...the bounty hunters! "To Be a Jedi!"

Printed: Dec 1980
Writers: Archie Goodwin
Art: Al Williamson and Carlos Garzon
Cover: Al Williamson and Carlos Garzon

- Standard-sized comic book appearances:
- 1st appearance of Boba Fett, a bounty hunter
- 1st cameo appearance of Dengar, Bossk, IG-88 and Zuckuss - bounty hunters
- 1st cameo appearance of Emperor Palpatine aka Darth Sidious
- Reprinted from Marvel Comics Super Special Magazine, adaptation of The Empire Strikes Back
- Debut of Slave I, a pursuit craft
- In 2021, the name of Boba Fett's ship, Slave I was retired due to negative cultural context