Star Wars Vol.1 #2


Princess Leia is in the hands of the evil Empire and the sinister Darth Vader. Now it falls on farm boy Luke Skywalker to seize his destiny and rescue her, and save the galaxy. But he can't do it alone. Luckily he'll get some help from old Ben Kenobi, once a great Jedi Knight known as Obi-Wan, Han Solo, a cocky ace pilot and all around scoundrel, Chewbacca, the hulking wookie and loyal co-pilot to Han, and the droids who hold the key to the Empire's defeat, C-3PO and R2-D2.

Printed: Aug 1977
Writers: Roy Thomas
Art: Howard Chaykin and Steve Leialoha
Cover: Howard Chaykin, Tom Palmer and Danny Crespi

- 1st appearance of Obi Wan Kenobi, in story
- 1st appearance of Han Solo, in story
- 1st appearance of Chewbacca
- 1st appearance of Greedo, a bounty hunter
- 1st appearance of the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star
- 1st appearance of a character named Jabba the Hutt but visually different from the movie due to a change in the character's design. Later it is explained to have been a different character named Mosep