Spider-Man Vol.1 #76


The second clone saga is over and a new chapter begins today in the lives of the Amazing Spider-Man and his beautiful wife! Both Mary Jane and Peter are on their way to Empire State University to start new endeavors! When MJ signs up for classes she meets a new friend: Jill Stacy... the cousin of the late Gwen Stacy! In the meantime across campus; while trying to locate a research professor, Peter runs into a new superhero and a new super-villain! Who are Crown and SHOC? And where did they come from? The questions must wait as the Spectacular Spider-Man's first priority is shutting off an experimental energy generator that threatens to destroy the ESU campus! Welcome back to school Mr. and Mrs. Parker!

Printing: Jan 1997
Writers: Howard Mackie
Art: John Romita Jr. and Scott Hanna
CoverJohn Romita Jr. and Scott Hanna

- 1st appearance of Loxias Crown, a vampire who later becomes known as The Hunger