Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham Vol.1 #1


J. Jonah Jackal, Chief editor of the Daily Beagle, Peter Porker, ace photographer, and three junior news trainees head off to investigate the St. Croix Trapezoid. However, their flight runs afoul and they crash land on the island home of the most nefarious super-villain of all...Ducktor Doom. Can the Spectacular Spider-Ham defeat the greatest enemy of the Fantastic Furs, save his friends and boss, get the front-page picture, and still keep his secret identity a secret? Brought to you in the hilarious tradition of the Looney Tunes, here comes the Spectacular Spider-Ham.

Printed: May 1985
Writers: Steve Skeates
Art: Mark Armstrong and Joe Albelo
Cover: Michael Golden

Key Issue Details
- First solo title issue featuring Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham
- Debut of the Marvel Imprint, Star Comics
- 1st appearance of Ducktor Doom
- 1st team appearance of the Fantastic Fur