Masters of the Universe #1 (Canadian Price Variant)


He-Man…Battle-Cat…Man-At-Arms…Teela…Stratos… They are among the mightiest heroes on a world where science and magic meld to form a realm undreamed of. They fight a never-ending battle against the dark warlock Skeletor and his vicious horde of mutants and sorcerers. They fight for the power of Castle Grayskull, an ancient citadel that stands at the apex of time and space. For who should ever hold the power will truly be the Masters of the Universe!

Printed: Dec 1982
Writers: Paul Kupperberg
Art: George Tuska and Alfredo Alcala
Cover: George Tuska and Dick Giordano

- Three-issue limited series published by DC
- This is the first Masters of the Universe title published by a major comic book company
- Earlier He-Man related comics were distributed with action figures and were more closely related to children's picture books