Marvel Premiere #3


Sensing evil, Strange is so focused on seeking it out he's almost hit by a truck; He calls upon The Ancient One, who warns him of the nature of the evil, but is still mystified; Then he finds himself confronted by someone (or something) who takes his own form, and tells him he's "already defeated"; Only when he discovers his oldest enemy is at the bottom of it does he also realize he was hit by the truck--and has been in a hospital bed ever since!; On recovering, he erases the memory of the night's events from the doctor's mind, as "Many things there are that mankind must not know..."

Printed: Jul 1972
Writers: Barry Windsor-Smith and Stan Lee
Art: Barry Windsor-Smith and Dan Adkins
Cover: Barry Windsor-Smith and Frank Giacoia

- Doctor Strange stories begin with classic story titled 'While the World Spins Mad'