Longshot #3 (Canadian Price Variant)


Tired of his mind numbing domestic life, middle-aged loser Theo leaps from a bridge to his death; Instead of dying, however, he instead lands on Longshot who was dumped in the river at the end of last issue; He begins to tell Longshot his everyday woes including the fact that Con Edison rips him off in charging excessive amounts for electrical power; The naive Longshot decides to break into Con Ed and steal a cache of diamonds to pay Theo his money back; The pair make it into the power plant and the wires and machinery spark a few of Longshot's memories about his home world; They get the diamonds but are attacked by Spiral, Gog and their allies who are after the same thing; During the ensuing battle, machinery gets destroyed and blacks out all of New York City.

Printed: Nov 1985
Writers: Ann Nocenti
Art: Arthur Adams, Whilce Portacio, and Scott Williams
Cover: Arthur Adams

- 1st appearance of Mojo