Journey into Mystery Vol.1 #114


Loki uses his magic to turn Crusher Creel into the Absorbing Man; A patient of Blake's, reporter Harris Hobbs, alerts him the existence of the Absorbing Man; Blake breaks a dinner date with Jane in order to investigate as Thor; Thor and Creel meet and fight; Hobbs witnesses the battle and is injured; Thor tends to Hobbs before resuming his battle; Balder then interrupts the fight by transporting Thor to Asgard; It seems that Loki has abducted Jane and brought her to the Golden Realm; Thor and Balder ride off to save her.

First Printing: Mar 1965
Writers: Stan Lee
Art: Jack Kirby and Chic Stone
Cover: Jack Kirby and Chic Stone

Key Issue Details:
- 1st appearance and origin of Absorbing Man
- 1st appearance of Fenris Wolf
- 1st appearance of Idunn, an Asgardian goddess