Incredible Hulk Vol.1 #182


The Canadian government reins agent Wolverine back in from his unaccomplished mission of destroying the Hulk; He reluctantly retreats, and they send their special-op commandos to take on the brute; When even that doesn't work, they detonate a huge sleeping gas bomb at him, which finally puts the Hulk out; When the Hulk comes to, he is flying high above the forest, carried by the agents in a steel cage; The Hulk angrily breaks free of his prison, and jumps away to safer pastures.

Printed: Dec 1974
Writers: Len Wein
Art: Herb Trimpe
Cover: Herb Trimpe

- The Marvel Value Stamp is present, complete, and intact.

- 2nd appearance of Wolverine
- Many sources cite this as a cameo appearance of Wolverine and Giant-Size X-Men #1 as a 2nd full appearance
- 1st appearance of Hammer and Anvil