Incredible Hulk Vol.1 #172


Hulk has been captured and put in a holding cell at Hulkbuster base; As he is quickly dismantling the walls of his prison, Armbruster calls on Peter Corbeau who brings a ray to teleport the Hulk to another dimension; Hulk is blasted away but the Hulkbusters find themselves facing the Juggernaut in his place; When they try to use the ray again, the Hulk returns as well and the two powerhouses quickly bust out and get away; Hulk quickly finds he does not like his new ally and the two battle; The X-Men show up to capture Juggernaut but allow the Hulk to escape.

Printed: Feb 1974
Writers: Steve Englehart and Tony Isabella
Art: Herb Trimpe and Jack Abel
Cover: Herb Trimpe

- Origin of The Juggernaut recap
- Team-up of the Hulk and Juggernaut