Hawkeye Vol.4 #11


THE breakout character of 2012... becomes the breakout character of 2013... as PIZZA DOG gets his own issue. Literally... the entire issue... it's all from the dog's point-of-view. Pizza Dog gets hired to solve a crime -- the grizzly murder that shocked Team Hawkguy -- and the only thing more shocking than THAT... is what happens the end of THIS. Seriously. This is not a joke! Even the coloring. Dog issue. We're all gettin' fired. PLEASE READ... 'Pizza is my Business' ...before it's too late for us.

First Printing: Aug 2013
Writers: Matt Fration
Art: David Aja
Cover: David Aja

Key Issue Details
- Solo story from the point-of-view of Lucky the Pizza Dog
- 2014 Eisner Award Winner for Best Single Issue