Green Lantern Vol.1 #86


Having discovered that Roy is a junkie, Green Arrow sets out to bring the drug traffickers down; Green Lantern returns to Oliver's building and finds Roy curled up in the basement; He takes Roy to Dinah's to straighten out and heads out to find Green Arrow, who has been knocked out by the drug dealers and tossed into the harbor to drown; GA escapes just as GL arrives to take out the goons who threw him into the water; Together the two trace the drugs to pharmaceutical magnate Salomon Hooper and put him out of business; But Roy explains that drugs are not the root problem, just a symptom of it.

First Printing: Nov 1971
Writers: Denny O'Neil
Art: Neal Adams and Dick Giordano
Cover: Neal Adams


- Classic story featuring Green Arrow's sidekick, Speedy's heroin addiction