Green Lantern Vol.1 #85


When Oliver is jumped by junkies, he is shocked when one of them shoots him with one of his own arrows; Green Arrow, now teamed with Green Lantern, follows the leads to find the junkies, including the missing Roy Harper, who lets GA assume he has been working undercover; Later, the junkies lead the heroes to an airplane hangar, but help the dealers knock out GL and GA and inject them with drugs. Roy arrives in time to get the messed up duo home; There he tries to explain the attraction of doing drugs, but Green Arrow remains baffled, and is shocked to soon find Roy getting ready to shoot up.

First Printing: Sept 1971
Writers: Denny O'Neil
Art: Neal Adams
Cover: Neal Adams

- Pioneering story arc that confronted the topic of drug addiction which led to more realistic and relatable stories in comics
- Adams and Mr. O'Neil won a Shazam Award in 1971 for 'Best Individual Story' and recognized by NYC mayor, John Lindsay in a letter which was printed in issue #86