Giant-Size Spider-Man #1


"Ship of Fiends!" Guest-starring Dracula. Script by Len Wein. Pencils by Ross Andru. Inks by Don Heck. Cover by Gil Kane. Aunt May has been stricken by a deadly new strain of the flu for which there is not a vaccine available in the United States. However, a doctor is currently bringing the vaccine to America via ocean liner. Since Aunt May might not have enough time to wait for it, the wall-crawler borrows a skycraft from the Fantastic Four and heads out to sea to retrieve the vaccine. But other people want that vaccine too, namely the Maggia and Dracula! It's a great 3-way battle on-board the S.S. Wendell.

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Printed: Jul 1974
Writers: Various
Art: Various
Cover: Gil Kane

- 4th appearance of the Punisher
- Debut of the Punisher's Battle-Van
- 1st appearance of Moses Magnum, controls seismic activity