Gambit Vol.1 #1 (Gold Edition)


Henri LeBeau sneaks into X-Mansion and tells his young step-brother, Gambit, that the time of the tithing has come and he is needed in New Orleans as the Assassins Guild is trying to break the old pacts; As they are speaking, Henri is cut down by an assassins arrow; Gambit gives chase and discovers that the killer is Julien, the "dead" brother of his wife; Learning that Bella Donna is also alive Gambit and Rogue prepare to leave for New Orleans.

Printed: Dec 1993
Writers: Howard Mackie
Art: Lee Weeks and Klaus Janson
Cover: Lee Weeks

- First title series featuring Gambit
- Origin of Gambit
- 1st appearance of Candra the Benefactress
- 1st team appearance of the Assassin's Guild
- Gold foil, embossed edition