G.I. Joe Vol.1 #1 (Newsstand Edition)


Cobra is a sinister terrorist organization bent on world domination! There is only one thing standing in their way - GI Joe, the free world's elite strike force and a band of highly trained super soldiers who fight for freedom, justice and the American way.

Printed: Jan 1982
Writers: Larry Hama
Art: Herb Trimpe and Bob McLeod
Cover: Herb Trimpe

- The 7.0 copy of this book has a loose centrefold

- 1st appearance of Cobra Commander- 1st - appearance of Baroness
- 1st appearance of Snake-Eyes
- 1st appearance of Scarlett
- 1st appearance of Hawk
- 1st appearance of Grunt, Breaker, Rock 'N Roll, General Flagg, Stalker, Zap and Short-Fuze
- Writer and Vietnam veteran Larry Hama intended to create a Nick Fury series but after being approached by Hasbro to launch their 3.75-inch action figures, the Fury Force concept was applied to G.I. Joe