Avengers Vol.1 #64


Earth's Mightiest Heroes zoom into outer space in search of Egghead's deadly space station! The evil megalomaniac is threatening to obliterate more cities in America, if the federal government doesn't give in to his demands! But before the Avengers can destroy Egghead's orbiting laser, they have to locate it first! And strangely enough the critical coordinates come from a local mobster with a past connection to the new Goliath! So now the heroes have a ray of hope...in stopping the ray of death! And as shown on the celestial cover, it's a battle among the stars for the Mighty Avengers!

Printed: May 1969
Writers: Roy Thomas
ArtGene Colan and George Klein
Cover: Gene Colan and George Klein

- 1st appearance of Barney Barton, Clint's brother who later becomes the villain Trick Shot