Detective Comics Vol.1 #402


Kirk Langstrom appears again as the Man-Bat, this time he is forced to become the Batman's enemy; After stealing a vial from a chemical company's safe, much to Batman's chagrin, Kirk returns to his lab above the Gotham Museum of Natural History; He believes he has finally found a mixture that can cure his transformation, until Batman bursts through the door in pursuit, causing him enough surprise to drop the compound onto the floor; With a screech of rage, Kirk fights off the Batman and leaps out the window; During his escape, he starts to evolve a leathery pair of wings that allow him to fly.

Printed: Aug 1970
Writers: Frank Robbins
Art: Neal Adams and Dick Giordano
Cover: Neal Adams

- 2nd appearance of Man-Bat
- 1st appearance of Francine Langstrom, wife of Kirk (Man-Bat) who later becomes She-Bat