DC Showcase Vol.1 #55


When Solomon Grundy last fought Green Lantern Alan Scott, Green Lantern encased Solomon Grundy in an emerald sphere prison floating above Earth; Years later, the sphere has now crash landed back on Earth, and Solomon Grundy has emerged to get his revenge on Green Lantern; Solomon Grundy instinctually heads back to his home of Slaughter Swamp, which at this point is bordering the Tyler Chemical Company plant; At the Tower of Fate, Kent Nelson is warned that there is trouble by his crystal ball; Seeing the source of the trouble to be Slaughter Swamp, Nelson becomes Dr. Fate; Hourman comes across Solomon Grundy in Slaughter Swamp; Hourman pops his Miraclo pill, then attacks Solomon Grundy.

Printed: Apr 1965
Writers: Gardner Fox
Art: Murphy Anderson
Cover: Murphy Anderson

- 1st appearance of the Golden Age Green Lantern in the Silver age
- 1st appearance of Solomon Grundy in the Silver Age