DC Comics Presents Vol.1 #26


Superman is relieved from monitor duty aboard the JLA Satellite by Green Lantern. In the middle of his monitor duty he is seemingly contacted by fellow Green Lantern Archon Z'Gmora of the Cygnus system. His fellow Lantern asks for assistance telling him that he is trapped in another dimension and his power ring has run out of power, his only means of communicating with Hal is via his telepathy. With communication broken, Green Lantern recharges his ring and uses it to travel to this other dimension. However, he learns that he has fallen for a trap.

Printed: Feb 1969
Writers: Mike Friedrich
Art: Jerry Grandenetti and Bill Draut
Cover: Neal Adams

- Unverified George Perez signature on front cover

- 1st team appearance of the new Teen Titans: Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire
- 1st appearance of Raven
- 1st appearance of Cyborg
- 1st appearance of Starfire
- Beast Boy becomes Changeling