Captain America Vol.1 #115


With the Cosmic Cube in his possession, the Red Skull confronts Captain America; Back at SHIELD headquarters, Rick Jones searches for Captain America and asks Sharon Carter if she has seen him; Although she is testing a new SHIELD weapon, Sharon tells Rick that he hasn't seen Captain America since she rejected his request that she leave SHIELD; Rick contacts his old gang of Ham radio enthusiasts, the Teen Brigade, and asks them all to out for Captain America and report back if they see him; Meanwhile, the Red Skull continues using the Cosmic Cube in ways to drive Captain America insane, hurtling him from this realm to different worlds and shrinking him down in size.

Printed: Jul 1969
Writers: Stan Lee
Art: John Buscema, Sal Buscema, and John Romita Sr.
Cover: Marie Severin and Frank Giacoia

- Iconic cover art by Marie Severin
- Final Captain America issue with a 12-cent cover price