Captain America Vol.1 #113


The news reports Cap's death and explains that "Steve Rogers" was a fake identity while Madame Hydra has Cap's HYDRA file burned; A flashback reveals how she replaced Baron Strucker as head of the organization; The Avengers, Nick Fury, Sharon Carter and several SHIELD agents hold a wake but are suddenly gassed by HYDRA; Rick follows to the cemetery and is almost caught, but Cap unexpectedly appears on a motorcycle, very much alive!; A battle follows, ending when a set of missiles miss their target and kill Madame Hydra; Cap reveals he faked his death in order to retain his secret identity.

Printed: May 1969
Writers: Jim Steranko and Stan Lee
Art: Jim Steranko and Tom Palmer
Cover: Jim Steranko

- Iconic cover art by Jim Steranko