Captain America Vol.1 #111


Cap is ambushed by HYDRA assassins at the command of Madame Hydra; The mission fails and later Rick Jones joins Cap in a training session; Alone, Rick picks up a message meant for Cap that causes him to hallucinate; Abducted by Hydra Cap searches for Rick and is attacked by a Hydra robot; Rick escapes & tries to warn Cap, who realizes he could make a good partner; Cap appears to leap from a rooftop into the river through a barrage of HYDRA gunfire; The police only find his costume and a mask with the facial features of Steve Rogers, suggesting "Rogers" was a fake identity.

Printed: March 1969
Writers: Jim Steranko and Stan Lee
Art: Jim Steranko and Joe Sinnott
Cover: Jim Steranko

- Iconic cover art by Jim Steranko