Captain America Vol.1 #110


 Cap runs across the Hulk on a rampage in NYC; The Hulk escapes and Cap vows Rick must never put himself in danger until the monster can be tamed. Back at Avengers Mansion Rick finds Bucky Barnes' old uniform, and rejects Cap's protests against wearing it; After putting him off for years, Cap finally accepts Rick officially as his new partner; Almost immediately they uncover a plot by HYDRA to contaminate the city's water supply. After a series of battles the HYDRA goons are driven off, and Cap tells Rick he survived his "baptism of fire" like a man.

Printed: Feb 1969
Writers: Jim Steranko and Stan Lee
Art: Jim Steranko and Joe Sinnott
Cover: Jim Steranko

- 1st appearance of Madame Hydra, later becomes Viper
- 1st appearance of Rick Jones as the fourth Bucky