Batman Vol.1 #357


The Squid comes to Gotham City to launch a takeover of its underworld, and to trap the Batman; A mobster offering crooked protection threatens a circus owner; Refusing to give in, the owner unwittingly puts a target on the heads of his star performers, a husband and wife trapeze act; Days later, a young boy discoveres that his parents had been brutally murdered. Taken in by the sympathetic millionaire Bruce Wayne (Batman) the boy trains and becomes his new mentor's sidekick as Robin, the boy wonder; Not Dick Grayson, though--This time it was the copycat story of Jason Todd, the second person to become Robin. Letter to the editor from comics editor/writer Kevin Dooley.

Printed: Mar 1983
Writers: Gerry Conway
Art: Don Newton and Alfredo Alcala
Cover: Ed Hannigan and Dick Giordano

- 1st cameo appearance of Jason Todd
- 2nd cameo appearance of Killer Croc
- This issue is cited as the first full appearance of Killer Croc but there is no difference in his depiction as a gangster in a trenchoat and fedora as first seen in Detective Comics #523. In Detective Comics #524, he is revealed to have crocodile features
- It should also be noted that this version of Jason Todd is not visually accurate to later versions and his origin is retconned in Batman #408