Batman Vol.1 #237


Dick Grayson attends the annual Vermont parade on Halloween with some of his college friends; The notice some crooks attacking a man dressed as Robin and try to help him; The Reaper attacks Robin; Batman, who has been tracking an ex-Nazi war criminal to the parade, finds Robin and takes him to the house of Tom Fagan, the parade organizer.

Printed: Dec 1971
Writers: Denny O'Neil
Art: Neal Adams and Dick Giordano
Cover: Neal Adams


- 1st appearance of the Reaper, Benjamin Gruener
- Iconic horror cover and story concept inspired by Bernie Wrightson and Harlan Ellison
- Cameo appearances by Marvel characters including Havok, Thor, Spider-Man and Captain America (people in Halloween costumes)
- Real life comic creators drawn into the story: Bernie Wrightson, Gerry Conway and Alan Weiss