Batman Vol.1 #234


When a parade balloon is stolen in broad daylight, Commissioner Gordon lights up the Bat-Signal at night to contact Batman, despite the disapproval of Arthur Reeves. When Batman arrives at the GCPD Headquarters, they start investigating the mysterious robbery, but they are suddenly interrupted by an officer informing them about a crime at the Nautical Museum. Gordon and his men get going, but Batman arrives first by his own means. Once inside, he confronts a couple of masked thugs, the same that stole the parade balloon. After taking one of them down, Batman interrogates the second thug and learns that he doesn't know who is the man he is working for, but that he always keeps his face concealed while tossing a coin...

Printed: Sept 1971
Writers: Denny O'Neil and Mike Friedrich
Art: Neal Adams, Dick Giordano, and Irv Novick
Cover: Neal Adams

- 1st appearance of Silver Age Two-Face