Avengers Vol.1 #6


Baron Zemo, the man behind the cause of Bucky's death discovers that Captain America is still alive; Collecting together the Black Knight, Radioactive Man and the Melter, the Masters of Evil are formed; While the Masters of Evil spray the city with 'Adhesive X', a powerful glue for which there is no solvent, the Avengers attack; Captain America and Giant-Man get trapped by the adhesive and the Avengers withdraw to try and find a solution for it; Wasp remembers that a criminal behind bars called Paste-Pot Pete might be able to help; After receiving the solution they free Captain America and Giant-Man, and attack the Masters again.

First Printing: Jul 1964
Writers: Stan Lee
Art: Jack Kirby and Chic Stone
Cover: Jack Kirby and Chic Stone

Key Issue Details
- 1st full appearance of Baron Heinrich Zemo and the Masters of Evil: Nathan Garrett the Black Knight, Melter and Radioactive Man