Avengers Vol.1 #267


The Conqueror is back! Wow, where has he been? Or perhaps the better question…When has he been? After a 10-year absence Kang the Conqueror returns to the pages of the Avengers! But it's not just one Kang, it's many Kangs! And rest assured…the Kang from the 41st century (that Earth's Mightiest Heroes know and love) is front and center! Meanwhile in the sub-basements underneath Avengers Mansion, Hercules, the Black Knight, and the Wasp work on boring a new tunnel to Hydro-Base. The tunneling is going great until the Hulk attacks! Then Giant-Man! Then the old Iron Man! It's like a rerun of the battle in Avengers issue 2 vs. the Space Phantom! Who could take the Avengers back in time? Who else, but the Master of Time!

Printed: May 1986
Writers: Roger Stern
Art: John Buscema and Tom Palmer
Cover: John Buscema and Tom Palmer

- 1st team appearance of the Council of Kangs
- 1st appearance and death of a Kang variant that killed the Avengers in an alternate timeline
- 1st appearances of unknown Kangs and Kang robots