Avengers Vol.1 #118


One of the classic Avengers issues of the bronze age! Story continues from Defenders 10. At last the truth stands revealed! Dormammu and Loki have tricked the Avengers and Defenders into gathering the Evil Eye! And now Dormammu has the Evil Eye and is using it to merge his dark dimension with Earth's! The fourteen super-heroes have one hour to beat the powerful super-villains before chaos envelopes the universe! Once inside the dark realm, the Dread One wipes out the Defenders! And after quicksand bogs down five avengers, only three remain to make the final charge! But when the thunder god and the golden avenger fall, the final hope of the universe rests with the Scarlet Witch! In the depths of the dark realm, can Wanda deliver the coup de grâce to the Dread Dormammu? Avengers Assemble!

Printed: Dec 1973
Writers: Steve Englehart
Art: Bob Brown, Frank Giacoia, and Mike Esposito
Cover: Bob Brown and John Romita Sr.

- "Avengers/Defenders War" part 7
- Story continued in Defenders #11