Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #298 (Newsstand Edition)


Chance is back in business and working a new job for the Life Foundation! The clandestine organization wants Chance to steal an arms shipment coming into the west side docks! That should be a piece of cake for the high-flying mercenary! However the Daily Bugle dispatches an undercover photographer to observe the delivery! And beneath the moonlit sky, fireworks explode when Chance and the Amazing Spider-Man throw down on the docks!

Printed: Mar 1988
Writers: David Michelinie
Art: Todd McFarlane and Bob McLeod
Cover: Todd McFarlane

- 1st cameo appearance of Venom, creeping over Eddie Brock's hands
- First cover art by Todd McFarlane on the Amazing Spider-Man title
- 1st team appearance of the Life Foundation led by Carlton Drake
- 1st appearance of Carlton Drake who discovered there were five symbiote seeds that could be extracted from the Venom symbiote