Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #252 (Canadian Price Variant)


One of the landmark issues of the Amazing Spider-Man! With a brilliant flash of light in Central Park, the wondrous wall-crawler is back! And he looks a whole lot different! Wow, a new costume! What happened during the Secret Wars on the Beyonder's world? The ominous truth will be revealed to both the readers and the web-slinger in the days and weeks ahead!

Printed: May 1984
Writers: Roger Stern and Tom DeFalco
Art: Ron Frenz and Brett Breeding
Cover: Ron Frenz and Klaus Janson

- Manufacturer's defect across front & back cover, doesn't show up well in scans.

- 1st appearance of Spider-Man's black costume
- Cover art inspired by Amazing Fantasy #15
- The symbiote costume was designed by a Marvel fan from Illinois named Randy Schueller. Editor-In-Chief Jim Shooter purchased the design idea from Randy for $220