Alpha Flight Vol.1 #1 (Canadian Price Variant)


The monstrous Sasquatch, the mystical Shaman, the twins, Aurora and Northstar, the divine Snowbird, the tumbling Puck, the aquatic beauty, Marrina, and their leader, Vindicator, must reunite to stop the destructive elemental force known as Tundra.

Printed: Aug 1983
Writers: John Byrne
Art: John Byrne
Cover: John Byrne and Terry Austin

- 1st appearance of Puck, a superb fighter with no mutant powers
- 1st appearance of Marrina, wife of Namor
- 1st appearance of Tundra, a member of the Great Beasts
- 1st cameo appearance of Wild Child
- 1st appearance of Madison Jeffries
- 1st cameo team appearance of Gamma Flight, Omega Flight