Our Origin Story

Sometime around 2009, a group of friends were sitting down for an evening of beverages. As the evening progressed, one phrase stuck out-

"It would be amazing to own a comic shop one day."

Ashley, 204Comics' founder and owner, had already begun selling comic books casually out of his basement. After some success Ash moved on to selling at the occasional small convention or comic show. This grew into weekly Facebook auctions, and eventually selling at large scale conventions.

In April of 2021, 204Comics finally became a brick and mortar store located in its home town & namesake of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Bobby, Ashley's best friend of 10+ years, joined the shop shortly after it had opened.

At 204Comics you will find a wide range of new and back issue comics. We specialize in hard-to-find high-grade bronze and silver age comic books but we also dabble in collectible card games, board games, video games, and more. Our store is a passion project that has come from casual hobby to a full time career. We hope that the love, care, and respect we have for our products is on full display for you at 204Comics. Please feel free to drop by the store or shoot us a message on social media! We'd love to hear from you.


First comic: Marvel Team-Up Vol.1 #58
Favorite comic: "I can't narrow it down!"
Favorite character: Moon Knight
Collects: Valiant Comics, Startling Comics, comics based on video games.

Ashley is the driving force behind 204Comics and all its success. The man who started it all.

Ashley spent the first part of his professional life working in autobody repair. Eventually he moved onto a 10+ year career of retail and business-to-business sales.

You can usually catch Ashley enjoying a craft beer with his wife or tinkering with one of his many vehicles in his spare time.


First comic: "Can't remember!"
Favorite comic: Invincible #64
Favorite character(s): The Flash (Barry Allen), The Sentry
Collects: Thor Vol.1, silver age DC, "design" covers, negative space covers, or anything with great action scenes!

The man of a million names and faces.

Bobby worked in the video game industry at a retail level for many years, and ended up in the tech industry for another good 5+ years before joining 204Comics.

While often elusive, Bobby can generally be found hunting achievements in his favorite video games, or out at the movies with his girlfriend!