Uncanny X-Men #168 (Marvel, 1983)


Estimated grading based on condition: VF/NM, 9.0

Key Issue Details
- 1st appearance of Madelyne Pryor as an adult
- 1st mention of the name Lockheed

First Printing: July 1983
Writers: Chris Claremont
Art: Paul Smith and Bob Wiacek

Professor X has ordered Kitty to leave the ranks of the X-Men, a position she feels she's earned, and join the ranks of the neophyte heroes in training the New Mutants. Needless to say, Kitty is not happy about her mentor's decision. Wolverine begins a leave of absence from the team. Meanwhile, Xavier attempts to adjust to his new body... a body that enables him to walk! Plus, the deadly Sidrian Hunters return (last seen in Uncanny X-Men #154). And in Alaska, Scott runs into a very familiar face.